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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
okay there are more like 50 contradictions, but in case its not included the age limitation set by god in genesis which is broken by moses and sarah pages later is my favorite.

It's kind of funny, I got half way through the list and I realized, there is no way for a non christian to discern spiritual things and physical things.

I can't go through the whole list obviously. But some that a lot of people get confused with is that god says he is 1 and he also says he is 3.

How can god be 1 person while being 3 people? Well, this is one of those spiritual things that only the holy ghost (1 of the 3) can reveal to you. I can sum it up the best way I can though.

Basically he is of 1 mind, and 1 mind controls all 3 persons. The father, the son, and the holy spirit. They all have different roles, but they are all the same.

I encourage you to, instead of reading 1 particular verse, find that chapter and read it. You can take a couple sentences out of any book and put it in any context you like. The bible stresses you read things in their proper context, and I can assure you all of those are taken out of context.

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