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Originally Posted by SpoKen View Post
Ahh, of course. If your looking for a timeline, you want to be in the book of Daniel. The bible throws a lot of stuff around, but Daniel is good with timelines. Heh, very good with timelines.

Here ya go.
This site has a pretty good layout.

As for the holy land, it specifically says in other places that there will be many disputes over land. It makes a big case about Jerusalem being a burden stone to the world.

my bible actually has a timeline somewhere in it. its the "zonervan: NIV study bible" its actually my favorite bible

the problem with that prophecy and the ones like it, are that they are to vague when they shouldn't and didn't have to be. and even if they were wrong you could always say to those verses that they merely hadn't came to fruition yet. i'd need something specific, something exact and correct. but even that would have to be special, as many prophecies in the bible as there are.. even a broken watch is exactly right twice a day.

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