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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
You first Peabody got that delivered today!

Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
Whenever I'm sick I'll eat stupidly spicey foods as well. Cleans your sinus's right out and you feel far better afterwards. If the spice is too much, just down a glass of milk afterwards.
I like the burn tho.... i had to stop eating spicy food a while back, cus i kept adding crushed red pepper to my spagetti and i got this extra hot salsa..... i kept tasting metal for like a week....

Originally Posted by vilify View Post
Does it come in a can? If so, I'll try it!
nah no can.... but its serioulsy just boil water and spice mixes (they use 2), throw in noodle wafer for like 2-3 minutes and eat..... i eat the broth first slowly with a big spoon, then i eat the noodles when all the broth is gone, gives the noodle time to soak up more of the hot spices!

my valentines day consisted of cleaning up a lil at my sisters house since they came home today and i been house sitting. uhm.... i watched some tv.... had a lovley dinner with her family..... and then ill go upstairs later with my date.... id give her a kiss but she is currently typing and my face would be too close to my keyboard......

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