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Originally Posted by rul3z View Post

My main language isn't English mate

Anderson is for sure a legend no way will I say anything less, but for me? The Mohammed Ali of MMA is Fedor :$

Different opinions, isn't bad at all

sometimes we say gr8 rather than "GREAT" not a TYPO though
It's not an opinion. Fedor and Ali have almost zero in common.

Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Nobody can be compared to Ali for any reason.

He transcended sports. Easily the most famous athlete alive. Maybe Michael Jordan has surpassed him recently, but the time of Ali's retirement, he was a hero from the suburbs of the Midwest to the slums of Botswana.

My next door neighbor doesn't even know who Fedor is.
While, you're correct that Ali is very famous he was never a universal hero, especially when he was an active fighter. Just as many hated him as loved him.
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