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Under the Gun - Gun Disarming Tactics for the Street

Under the Gun - Gun Disarming Tactics for the Street with Sammy Franco

Learn how to disarm a dangerous gunman! In this instructional dvd, self-defense expert Sammy Franco teaches you the truth behind gun disarms tactics and techniques.
Under The Gun is a one-of-a kind dvd that will provide you with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to defeat a gunman who is about to blow you away! It is also worth mentioning that several well know self-defense instructors have stated they would not attempt to disarm a gunman. This "passive" mentality can be very dangerous because there is an increasing trend for robbers and gangbangers to shoot their victims even if they do comply. Yes, in some cases, compliance can get you killed! Being held up at gunpoint is not a helpless situation. You can defeat the gunman! There is no escaping the fact that we live in a gun culture and gun-disarming skills should be part of every serious self-defense curriculum. The sad fact is that 99% of the gun disarming techniques taught in commercial self-defense schools will get you killed. Do not risk your life on these grossly deficient tactics and techniques. When it comes to disarming a gunman, you only get one chance!
Under The Gun is great for the everyday citizen who does not want to be the next crime statistic. You do not have to be a martial arts student to master these life saving principles. This instructional dvd will teach you these critical self-defense skills and techniques: The five key gun-disarming principles, the twelve possible assault positions of a gun, proper hand and body positioning prior to disarming a gun, quick hand stripping techniques, how to take a gunman out within seconds of the encounter, how to minimize the fear of gunman confrontation, realistic gun disarming drills that you can practice at home, common mistakes taught by other self-defense systems, disarming both one and two hand gun grips.
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