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Originally Posted by sNuFf_rEaLiTy View Post
I can find people who don't know a damn thing about Ali or who he is...hell, I'd suspect the young generations of now won't know a damn thing about Ali especially with boxing's decline in popularity.

And sorry MachidaKarate, your family member isn't a good representation of the rest of the world. :P

I could care less about Ali or Fedor TBH. In a few weeks I'll never think twice about this strikeforce event but's a fresh and interesting topic right now.
Yeah i thought my family did represent the whole world DAMN....

LOL wow dude i was just making a point not saying that its prof because some of my family doesn't know like seriously....

And i dont know what planet u live on, or where u come from, but if i asked ANYONE if they knew who Ali was, they would laugh at me... SO please dont talk out of your ass like as if no one knows about Ali....

And your COMPLETELY missing THE WHOLE POINT, and thats that Ali has done a MILLION TIMES more in the sports world then Fedor, and is the face of all Legendary Athletes TO THIS DAY.

But yeah someone that can care less about 2 amazing fighers in Fedor AND Ali, i would expect a stupid reply like this...

And i think your the one that doesn't know shit about Ali and so you think no one else does ether...

Where u live again? Were u home schooled?

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