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Originally Posted by SonOfZion View Post
Cleveland Williams, Sonny Liston, Floyd Patterson, Ingemar Johanson to name a few. Like Fedor, i dont think Rocky was ducking anybody himself but his management was. I think Rock might have beaten some of those guys, NOT Liston tho. Oh hell no. It came to the point where his undefeated record became more important than taking on the new breed of younger HWs coming up...... sound like anybody you know??
Those guys were very young at the time. It's just not the same. Fedor was in talks to take on the best fighters and backed out. Marciano was not ducking anyone, at least of his own will.

Also, Marciano was fighting HW's with him as a very small HW. He was finishing almost everyone. Fedor was fighting LHW's and small HW's who were taking him the distance.

Finally, Marciano successfully retired undefeated after 49 fights, even if he did have a few easy ones toward the end. Fedor lost his "easy" fights.

There's no comparison.

I would compare Fedor to Shamrock. Both were the best at their respective times. Then again, Shamrock didn't duck fighters, even when he should have.

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