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Originally Posted by Calminian View Post
Oy! I wasn't easy, but I had to rep osmium for this. Good sarcasm can't go unrewarded.

Comparing Fedor to Ali has to be considered nothing short of blasphemy. Just look at the competition Ali took on.

Liston, Forman, Frazier, Norton, Patterson, Young, Shavers, even took on Homes way past his prime. Who did Ali ever duck?

Sorry, this just won't work. Fedor was good HW a few years back. He deserves credit. He is not a Gretzsky, or Jordan or Ali. His resume is fair at best, fighting very few actual natural HW's. He fought many mediocre fighters and was unable to finish. And he ducked the best fighters for about 7 years. Try as you may, you will fail and making him out to be Ali.

And please stop blaming M1 for his ducks.

The problem is your talking about a heavyweight !

Give me a HW fighter that fought more than 30 battles and lost only 2 or 3 or 4 fights other than Fedor?

Plus, because there where not so great HW (as lots claim) when Fedor was crushing guys, doesn't make Fedor less or have to prove anything, because as we say at home:

For every age there's a LEGEND

Originally Posted by SonOfZion View Post
Cleveland Williams, Sonny Liston, Floyd Patterson, Ingemar Johanson to name a few. Like Fedor, i dont think Rocky was ducking anybody himself but his management was. I think Rock might have beaten some of those guys, NOT Liston tho. Oh hell no. It came to the point where his undefeated record became more important than taking on the new breed of younger HWs coming up...... sound like anybody you know??
I really wish he changes his management (but I don't think he will) and then we'll be seeing him in the UFC, where I really wish he goes after Cain (with all respect to him) and the guys his size, and then see who is the great fighter of the MMA history.

When Fedor crushed bigger size he wasn't at 34 years old, and AGE is a difference. That's why he probably isn't able to handle bigger guys today.

Anyway he is coming, and be ware of the ROAR of The Last Emperor.

Originally Posted by ranja View Post
just wanted to say that i completely agree with the writer, thumbs up for writing such an excellent piece.
Thanks for passing by Ranja, and I'm happy you like my simple writing :$

Originally Posted by Calminian View Post
Those guys were very young at the time. It's just not the same. Fedor was in talks to take on the best fighters and backed out. Marciano was not ducking anyone, at least of his own will.

Also, Marciano was fighting HW's with him as a very small HW. He was finishing almost everyone. Fedor was fighting LHW's and small HW's who were taking him the distance.

Finally, Marciano successfully retired undefeated after 49 fights, even if he did have a few easy ones toward the end. Fedor lost his "easy" fights.

There's no comparison.

I would compare Fedor to Shamrock. Both were the best at their respective times. Then again, Shamrock didn't duck fighters, even when he should have.
I really don't know why you keep saying "Fedor duck fights" when in your true heart and brain you know that his management where the lamers in all this crap thats being said today?

Mate, Fedor NEVER asked for an opponent do you know why? because ALL opponents asked for HIM, they even WISH just to COMPETE with him, not to WIN !!!!

Fedor is no way Shamrock, and no way he lost the easy fights, this if you call Bigfoot an easy guy? Then re-estimate again, because he will give a hell of a fight against the Reem or the Calvo. Fedor made a mistake going into Fabricio's guard and got caught trying to finish the fight early, nothing more nothing less.

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