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Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
Got home like 5-6 AM today, went to a girl's birthday who turned 1. I am so hungover.
Originally Posted by Killstarz View Post
you have a hangover from a 1st birthday party?!!!!

that is hardcore!
LoL yeah thats happened to me for my nieces and nephews for every one of their B-day's.... and they 2, 4, 8 and 9. i got drunk for everyone of their b-days..... polish/german/irish family, gotta love it!

And MC on MMO's..... yeah they all pretty much borrow from the ones before them, Everquest and Asheron's Call i think were the most innovative, along with Planetside being the first MMORPG that was also a FPS.... Rift i like cuz yeah it does play alot like others ive played before, so was easy to jump into. The story is different, the class system seems cool so far, i havent done any dungeons or pvp yet, im still trying to learn a bit more on how classes work and such.

But yeah MMO's arent for everyone, like for me i think console games suck... i dont even bother to see whats comming out.... unless its a new Half-Life title for the PC i honestly dont care.... such is life i guess! and yes i have a PS3.... i use it for netflix, blu-ray and my Sega Smash Pack (Shining Force FTW)

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