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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
Keep it up SF!
I skimmed through my previous post and was surpised to find, I forgot to post an update. So here's the paraphrased version of the post I planned to make (minus all my epic randomz!):

A week in the past (insert harp music)

So I feel the need to take a week for recovery. My body is responding really improperly, and I've been doing a lot of damage to my knees especially. I've been limping from solo work. That's not right. So I'm taking a week off. During this week I want to continue working on organizing my Cardio Series which I'm really hoping will help me get things off with a bang. I'm also looking into adding a few supplements which I have been totally ignoring (aside from Fish Oil, Glucosamine, and a general multi-vitamin, as well as more protein mix).

Now, the present (more harp music)

Okay so, after my week off, I'm feeling much better. My knees have recovered decently well, and since I'm now taking supplements for joint support, I should be in the clear (hopeful face is hopeful).

As for training Its been around 9 days, so I've only been at it again for two days.

Firstly, I did a 3/5 on the bag just to kind of warm my body up and take a look at the technique fails from a significant layoff from dedicated stand up work.

My cardio was fail. I heaved like a baby back bitch! I want to get up to a high paced 5/5 on the bag as a peak of a workout, supplemented by all around lifting, and combos. To do this, my cardio needs big work.

That being said, I worked out with my training partner and was pretty happy with the results (including the headache!)

We started out with clinch grappling. 3/3 min (30 second rest). My training partner believed we'd both kind of been lacking this fundamental part of training, and honestly, he was completely right. Its was hella tough to break out of, or to sustain, a thai clinch. However I felt pretty good once I managed a body clinch, or when I was up against the wall (dominant or not) because I felt like I was able to use feigns of my movement, and plain ol' brute force, to get myself into the dominant position. However, out in the open, when he had the thai clinch, I was in trouble, real, real, trouble.

We moved on to takedowns. 3/5 min (one minute rest). Singles, doubles, and throws. I got taken down a few times, and when he took me down it was a strong takedown. On the occassions where he failed, I don't know if it was a technical advantage on my part, his tiredness compared to mine, or rustiness on his part. I'm more inclined to blame the latter. For my part, I was powering through my takedowns (like a boss!) and all but one or two of the takedowns where I shot deep and low and powered through I got. I found that by shoving his bulk around, moving in alternating directions, and always grabbing for the double when I had the single gave me a lot of success. Will I have this success once he's not rusty? Maybe, but definitely to a lesser degree. I attempted a few hip throws but they were reeeaaaalllllyyy bad. I definitely need to have him let me toss him around so my body can remember the mechanics. Another thing was that I was sliding forward slightly and tapping his lead leg, and guaging his counter movement. This was really helpful in me timing my takedowns, and also allowed me to keep pressure on his hips, forcing him back, if he tried to shoot.

Thirdly, rolling. 3/5 min (one minute rest). In this area I was trying to work sweeps when on the bottom, and finish on top. I succeeded in finishing once (americana), worked for finishes multiple times but couldn't seem to lock in an armbar attempt. And was using americanas/kimura setups as feints to set up mounting. I proudly state I gained the mount at least once each round. However lost the top position entirely in 2/3 rounds to a better bottom game. I was happy with my sub defense. my partner set up a sweet straight armbar with me on his back (how the F- did he do that!) and I did this snazzy breakdancing lookin move where I spun around his back like a top on my upper back with my legs way up in the air, that put me on the opposite side. I think I could have esaped, but he almost had the sub finished but forgot the armbar cardinal rule THUMB UP! I told him what to do, and he tapped me. He also got me in a RNC. I had gotten better sub defense and escape ability with my back taken, but epic failed in this case. He flatted me out and tap, tap, tap.

Next came the holy grail. Spizzarring! 3/5 min (one minute rest). Initally I was better of than him. I loosened up faster and landed about 40-50% of the time with punches and kicks. However once he loosened up it became much more difficult to land anything. My head movement felt okay, even though I was lacking it whenever I didn't think of it! But I was also trying to keep my arms moving around so he wasn't sure what, if anything, I was setting up. I didn't think to ask him if this was working at the time, but it might have gone unnoticed. He rocked me really good right at the end of the round. My legs didn't jelly, but he hit me right on the chin through headgear and 16ozers. If it would have hit me clean with 4ozers and no headgear it would have been at least a knockdown, posibly a KO. And since I've taken roundhouses clean on the chin through headgear and haven't been even close to rocked or contemplating a knockdown. Moral: My training partner's straight right hits HARD!

I also noticed a few errors.
1. My lead hand was dropping mid combination, but not every time, intermitently. Perhaps in reaction to certain punches?
2. My footwork was meh at best. I was moving straight out in reaction to punches. My reactive footwork is in need of major work to even be average. I have an idea of tying a rope between myself and my training partner, so I have to circle around instead of straight out.
3. Homeboy is too tall! I want to bend more at the knees. This rooting is helpful for explosiveness, as well as defending the shot, it just lends itself to the leg kicker's strategy. I'm griping about inches here, but they're inches that matter. It may be a result of the boxing and American Kickboxing, which both don't include really any need for rooting stances and are lended to the taller style of fighting.

Also: Fool axe kicked me in the f--king back of the head! What the hell! Shitz illegal son! I realize it was an accident, just added that for teh lulz!

As a whole it was a really great workout. It was around 2-2.5 hours. Which nears my goal of 3 hour sessions. I hope that we can get in the 3-4 workouts like this one every week (which is the goal). And additionally, I want to work the cardio circuits 3 times a week assuming I'm not exhausted like a beeeaaaattttccchhhh!

Diet. Supplementation is off the chain brah! I now am taking 6 different vitamins/supplements twice a day: General multi-vitamin, shark cartillage, glucosamine, b-complex, fish oil, and flax seeds, as well as protein shakes. I've been eating better than expected considering I took a week off. I had fast food once (oh my gawd!). But other than that. I'm ignoring food all together at work (and all that six meal science!), and trying to eat healthy before and after work. I've partially succeeding, snacking minially and trying to be healthy, non-shitbiscuit crackers, yogurt, etc.

Thoughts and sheeet! Feel pretty good. Its probably a result of all those vitamins and minerals, and vegitables, helping Osmosis Jones fight off the shit I've been pouring into my body for years. But still feel good! And feeling good is the first step to being good. So hey, being on the stairs is damn good enough for now! Been thinking about Thailand more. Really want to go to Japan and learn Judo, but Japan is way too expensive for someone like me right him. However Thailand is much more doable. Been looking at prices and travel arangements and such. And while I'm excited for the prospect. I'm a realist about it. Its a far off dream with no foundation outside the boney walls of my skull. My long term plan/goal/hope thingy: Be in the local MMA gym by the end of March. Apply for this legit (looking) MMA org in the area by the end of summer. Have a fight on a card and set up by 2012. Assuming I win, I'm going to start saving to train at Tiger Muay Thai. ****in-A! I really hope I win!

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