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I don't know where that notebook went so the 3 workouts mentioned above will be forgotten forever. They were good ones! More recently

Upper Body Pull Cycle:
Repeat cycle 3 times, rest 90 seconds

High Pull: 5,5,5@125lbs
Pull-ups (Underhand Grip): 8,5,4@b/w
Medicine Ball Slams: 60,60,60@Small Orange Ball
Inverted Rows (Overhand Grip) 6,4,4
Single Arm Dumbbell Rows 6,6,6@85lbs

Abs Cycle:
Repeat cycle 2 times, rest 90 seconds

Stir the Pot 15,15
Hanging Knee Raise 15,15
Cable Crunch 20,20@160

Upper Body Push Cycle:
Repeat cycle 3 times, rest 90 seconds

Warmup Military Press 12@bar

Military Press 6,6,6@110lbs
DB Bench W/ Dropset 6,2,1@70lbs 8@40lbs 20@20lbs single hand
Lateral Flys 12,12,12@15lbs
Skullcrushers 10,6,6@45lbs
Pushups 12,6,6
Rear Dips 10,6,8
Dips 3,1,1
Pushups 4,3,3
Front Dips 6,4,6
Rear Dips 1,1,1

Towel Bite Cable Neck Pull 15,15@90lbs
Side Towel Bite Cable Neck Pull 10,10@12 resistance each side

Love these GSP workouts, I've been seeing improvements over the past few weeks in the numbers, and have been upping the weights accordingly. Playing with the increases is tricky though since it's all a circuit; an increase in one exercise and you make the whole rest of the circuit harder to do. I'm considering adding something explosive at the end of the Push and Pull days to mimic the leg day. I think a circuit to near exhaustion and a brutal explosive effort at the end is the type of body and mentality you need for a fight.

Speaking of fights, I got a text from the promoter, he asked if I was interested in fighting in July. I am interested. Details come as I know them.

Go away ringworm! I want to do class again.

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