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Originally Posted by rul3z View Post
Fedor said he'll be back, and because of that I think you need to backup your talk. Until he leaves for good then come say what you said.

Seeing him as the Ali of MMA is a matter of opinion, I might be right and you wrong, on the other side I might be wrong and you're right.

see simple equation
Ten years crushing who though?

Mark Coleman? UFC reject

Nogueira and Cro Cop were two of his most notable wins, but then both have gone on to enter UFC without success (ok you can argue they were both past their prime by such time but this is the only reference we have to go on)

Fedor never came to UFC to test himself like other Pride people did. Pride fighters carry a legendary status seemingly without question from its glory days yet very few have made the move to UFC successfully (while this doesn't prove the PRide organisation was over hyped it does at least give evidence that there are question marks over who is was best at any one time)

Heath Herring? Gary Goodridge? again two guys who were less than successful in the UFC cut Arlovski or Tim Silvia?

What I am saying is to me Fedor is more of the Naseem Hamed than he is the Mohammed ALi....great record based on beating people largely not the best, he never took the option to fight Couture, never stepped into UFC when offered to fight the current crop and prove himself against LEsner, Velsaquez and whoever (as Cro cop failed to do against UFC guys)

He hasn't even thought Overeem in the time they have been both at Strikeforce.

A UFC cut Werdum has beat him as has an up and coming Antonio Silva.

Looking at his record it comes down to wins over Cro Cop, Nogueira who both went on to have limited success in UFC and two guys who were UFC rejects in Randleman and Coleman.

I think he has a largely padded and fabricated record and while still a legend his lack of top names and top fights and failure to ever take up the challenge of moving to the UFC mean (to me at least) he can never be considered on the level of Ali.
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