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Went back did some agility ladder, shadowboxed 5 rounds and Tyler Jackson was giving pointers on using my range. He wants me just working on deliberate, exaggerated use of my shoulders so they're basically turning 180 degrees as I throw the 1-2. A wider stance too. Then the training parter and I tried out some sled pushes. I used the large sled with 90lbs on it and ran the turf length 5 or 6 times with breaks inbetween. Hardcore leg workout, and I know the squats I did earlier today weren't helping.

Bumped into Battlefield's promoter on my way out. He said he's thinking about doing a card in may as well. Wanted to know my fighting weight and I said I wasn't sure, probably 185. I'm 206lbs today. The card that we discussed my fight will be held in Vancouver, probably July 2nd or 9th.
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