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Agility Ladder Drills

Upper Body Pull Cycle:
Repeat cycle 3 times, rest 90 seconds

High Pull: 5,5,5@125lbs
Pull-ups (Underhand Grip): 7,5,5@b/w
Sledgehammer Slams: 15,15,15@large hammer
Inverted Rows (Overhand Grip) 5,4,2
Single Arm Dumbbell Rows 6,6,6@85lbs

Abs Cycle:
Repeat cycle 2 times, rest 90 seconds

Stir the Pot 15,15,15
Hanging Knee Raise 15,15,10
Cable Crunch 20,20,15@160

Towel Bite Cable Neck Pull 15,15@50lbs
Side Towel Bite Cable Neck Pull 15,15@12 resistance each side

Sled Pulls
Large Sled W/150lbs on it, 2 sets of 2 turf lengths

Upped weight on high pulls, did an extra set of ab cycle, swapped medicine ball slams for sledgehammer on the tire, added Sled Pulls at the end.

Sweet momentum building; look out world.

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