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Originally Posted by CutterKick View Post
Obviously this is coming from a biast opinionator. I would call myself highly religious but, I'm a very real person. If I'm in trouble praying won't be my first instinct, I take it into my own hands - Christians believe God gave people the ability to make their own decisions.
Many Christians become so after a 'miracle', foe example - My father survived a heart attack after most doctors gave up hope. I prayed as a last resort, he got better ... I'm not saying it was from parying though. People like to have faith in something. The way I see it is, I would rather live happily believing something false than laying waiting for my life to fade away.
Your decision is extremely biast, try and look up some other things besides negatives.
There's no bias in my argument, just logic and facts that i pointed out. Would you like to come up with a counter-argument to one of my arguments?
You didnt debate anything, you simply got defensive about your faith as if it were under attack without even addressing the topic of schizophrenia.

Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
I like how you used DSM 4, but one problem with your argument is your application of the symptoms. You applied them in a socio aspect as opposed to psychological one. Everything you described in 1-4 is considered acceptable behavior and is the way many religious people feel.

Just because you think it is delusional that Bush believes he is talking to god doesn't mean it is. This isn't something he has developed from a chemical imbalance (the basis of adult onset schizophrenia) it is something that was taught to him by the church.

Something that is taught to you is not a delusion. Hitler youth were not delusional in believing that Hitler had a direct connection to god, they were mislead and fed lies, just like in the church. there is a big difference.
You have brought up a good point about the difference between a psychologically defined delusion and a lie that one has been taught to believe. But what of the extremely religious people who werent "taught" to believe their delusions, but rather believe them out of their own will?

What i mean is, there are many extreme religious people who are not members of a church (or place of worship) and that werent taught by their parents to believe their delusions. But rather, they may have picked up a book of myths and become out of touch with the reality of the world they live in.

Furthermore, i must dispute your claim that extremely religious delusions are not biologically based in the brain the same way that early-onset schizophrenia is. In fact, it has been scientifically shown that humans evolved to adapt to the anxiety associated with having knowledge of the inevitability of death by developing a unique area of the brain referred to in laymen's terms as the "god part" of the brain.
Here is just one link for information:

It has also been shown through studies that electric stimulation of this part of the brain in an individual produces hallucinations that the participant describes in spiritual and god-like terms.

Aside from the argument of delusion, what is your counter-argument to my claim of hallucinations? After all, George Bush DID in fact claim to literally talk to God, an invisible being. What can you make of this?

Here's another source of information regarding the temporal lobes and their involvement in spiritual delusions:

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