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Sun 2-20: tested for karate orange belt. My karate sensei likes to go all Lou Gossett with situps, mountain climbers, etc. before you go through JCVD kick drills, which are encouraged to be slide kick drills. I was able to slide through about 2/3 of them. Then I did strike and blocking drills, and ran through my kata and the bunkai for 4 kata.....try not to be too jelluz! There were at least two other people testing today, so I probably won't find out whether or not I passed for a couple of weeks or so. Two belt tests in two weeks BOOYAH!
Mon: AM BJJ was head and arm triangles. PM kickboxing was typical jump rope/kick shield warmup and drills, then light live standup, but we all had to wear headgear because he wants us to hit harder, and because we took turns with just evading, no counterstriking.
Tue: rested
Wed: all standup, all the time. It was stations, like heavy bag drills, ground bag drills, a lot of jump rope, shadowboxing/sprawl, floor sits, wall jumps, stuff like that.
Thur: Judo was all uchimata. IDK if I'll ever refine it to the point that it'll be my tokuiwaza, but I loved it.
Fri.: Not going anywhere due to a new car combined with insane blizzard conditions and very bad roads.
Sat: Judo was uchimata and uchimata gaeshi, also butsugari gaiko and light randori. It wasn't as much cardio as I would have liked. Unless it is of epic proportions, I am not letting a snowstorm keep me away from the gym anymore.

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