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Originally Posted by guy incognito View Post
Been watching Castle, i don't know anyone who watches this show but it's awesome and never enjoy cop shows but nathan fillion is just awesome........and becketts HOT.

I also just watched last action hero. one of the most awesomely bad movies ever.
Castle is ******* awesome show,

for those of you that dont know the main guy in it is the guy from serenity and firefly (which they actually poke fun at in a halloween episode) The comedy is spot on with this show

Originally Posted by JuggNuttz View Post

oh and your welcome M D, heh check out Stargate: Atlantis too, but wait till i think its the 7th or 8th season of SG-1, cuz thats where Atlantis starts, and they have like some crossover episodes when it starts too. Stargate: Universe.... meh... im not into it much, but i didnt really like BSG... just got way too slow... and if you ask me, SG:U should accually be called SG:BSG.....
im in it till the end gunna watch all of them, my friend said he liked atlantis better too which is hard to believe it could beat a galaxy traveling Macgyver but i guess i soon will see

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