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Originally Posted by M_D View Post
Castle is ******* awesome show,

for those of you that dont know the main guy in it is the guy from serenity and firefly (which they actually poke fun at in a halloween episode) The comedy is spot on with this show

im in it till the end gunna watch all of them, my friend said he liked atlantis better too which is hard to believe it could beat a galaxy traveling Macgyver but i guess i soon will see
Atlantis was really good i thought, i dunno about "better" then SG-1, but im also a huuuuuge SG-1 fanboy nerd....

i decided to rewatch Sons of Anarchy, just finished season 1 yesterday and started the first disk of season 2. season 1 is way better IMO, but season 3 definatly kicked it back up again to super awesome! kinda like Trueblood... i thought season 1 was amazing, season 2 while good just didnt live up, but season 3 might have been better then season 1.

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