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Upper Body Pull Cycle:
Repeat cycle 3 times, rest 90 seconds

High Pull: 6,6,6@125lbs
Pull-ups (Underhand Grip): 8,7,4@b/w
Sledgehammer Slams: 15,15,15@16lb hammer
Inverted Rows (Overhand Grip) 6,4,3
Single Arm Dumbbell Rows 6,6,6@85lbs

Abs Cycle:
Repeat cycle 3 times, rest 90 seconds

Stir the Pot 15,15,15
Hanging Knee Raise 15,15,15
Cable Crunch 20,20,20@max

Took yesterday as a rest day. A couple slight increases. Forgot to do Sled Pulls at the end of the day.

Got new supplement shipment in, currently taking

Creatine Monohydrate
Purple Wraath

Feeling good! I've been completely off caffeine/sleeping pills for the past 4 days and my energy levels are feeling much more balanced, hopefully I can keep it up through a full work week.

Got some stronger prescription stuff for the ringworm, have had it for over 5 weeks now but it seems to be on it's last legs. I'd like to do a BJJ tournament at our gym in a week or so, but haven't done jits in like two months

It's my days off so I'll go back again in a couple hours to do some shadowboxing/bagwork/neck exercises.
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