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Progressing in stages.

Obscure title? Ill explain a little.
I know mma works a little differently in the us to here in the UK.
We basicly have 4 levels.
Amateur- No shots to the head at all. No spikes, big suplexes.
Semi-Pro- Shots to the head standing up, no knees to the head at all.
First time pro- Full pro mma but no elbows to the head.
and Full pro.

Now I started at ama seeing as im a grappler and wanted to get the feel for mma. Im working into semi pro now as I get more confident with my striking and after a couple of those fights Im going to go for pro.

Now some people like this method of working up in stages but a lot dont.

Personally I think its a good idea but at the same time a big jump into semi pro at least is a good wake up call and boot up the backside to train more striking.

What do you guys think?

ps another reason I have avoided pro is because of a bad ear complaint. Had a few ops on it so didnt want to make things worse!

Its almost as if I like to be tapped out! lol
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