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any advice on how to finish Final Fantasy 13!

Well, after playing a very disappointing Two Worlds 2 (clunky controls, no clear direction in what your suppose to do, enemies killing me very easily, sucky graphics, etc) I decided to go back to Final Fantasy 13!

Last time I played this game I got stuck on Grand Pulse! I thought Sid was a pain in the ass to get through but on Grand Pulse I started running into monsters that handed me my ass on a silver platter. I kind of lost interest in the game because I thought I had to go back a few levels just to spend countless hours leveling up! It was for that very reason why I never got far in the 12th installment because that game is nothing but leveling up (and I didn't find the story all that engaging).

But anyways, I'm starting my second run through of this game and I was wondering if you guys have any advice to give me like...well..anything that will help get through this game basically!

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