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Siver wins by UD, congrats Bobby and friends:

Round 1 - Siver pawing with a head kick (if that's possible). Leg kick by Siver and he misses with a wild punch. Head kick blocked now. Body shot by Sotiropoulos. Sotiropoulos with a right hand that misses. Siver throws a kick and Sotiropoulos grabs the leg and is looking for the takedown but Siver keeps his balance and lands a few punches while on one foot before getting looses. Right hand by Siver lands. Leg kick by Siver and Sotiropoulos lands a right hand. Spinning wheel kick just misses by Siver and Siver lands a right hand. Sotiropoulos fires back but that buzzed him a little bit. Left hook by Siver drops him and a few hammerfists before he forces him to stand. Another left drops him and a flurry of punches before Siver forces him to stand again. Sotiropoulos is in a bad way. Horrible takedown attempt by Sotiropoulos is avoided. Another punch lands for Siver. Head kick by Sotiropoulos. 10-8 round for Siver. Sotiropoulos did nothing but get dropped multiple times.

Round 2 - Sotiropoulos has to do something other than stand in front of Siver this round. Sotiropoulos doing a little better in the stand-up but he really has to go for a takedown at some point. Right hand by Siver. Hard leg kick by Siver and a head kick that misses. Sotiropoulos goes for a takedown and the crowd cheers but Siver throws him away. Siver tags him again. Sotiropoulos shoots for the single and Siver just pulls his leg free. Right hand by Siver lands hard. Sotiropoulos is starting to land some punches now and then shoots but Siver avoids the takedown again. Left hand by Siver lands. Head kick lands for Sotiropoulos. Nice comeback by Sotiropoulos and I gave him a 10-9 round.

Round 3 - Siver throws a leg kick and a head kick. Sotiropoulos shoots for the single and can't get it again. Leg kick by Siver. They exchange a flurry of punches and the best shot was probably the left hand of Sotiropoulos. Huge combo of punches by Siver lands. Hard jab by Siver. Time is running out on Sotiropoulos. Spinning back kick by Siver and Sotiropoulos eats it to the gut. Leg kick by Siver. And another. Right hand by Siver. 10-9 Siver and I have it 29-27.

Official Scorecards: 29-28, 30-28, 30-27 all for Dennis Siver.

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