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Bummer, we all lose thanks to the judges' majority draw:

Round 1 - Referee Herb Dean in the cage for the evening's main event. Penn rushes forward at the bell and looks for a takedown. He gets deep on Fitch early, but he defends well against the cage. Fitch is firm on his feet, but Penn will not give up the attempt. Fitch spins off and puts Penn's back against the fence. Fitch working hard for a single-leg, but it's not there. Two minutes in, and little between the two. Penn throwing a few short elbows. Penn pulls away and after a few short punches ducks under and gets the takedown. Penn quickly transitions to the back and locks in a body triangle. Fitch is controlling the wrists in defense. Penn adjusts and looks for a rear-naked choke. Fitch pulls free, remains calm and spins over. Penn now with an open guard underneath. Penn kicks Fitch away and they reset on the feet. Fitch doesn't allow any space as he shoots in for the single immediately. Penn won't be taken down, and the round ends there. sees it for Penn, 10-9.

Round 2 - Fitch gets an early takedown, but Penn is comfortable in the hold and strikes from the bottom before working up to his feet. Fitch gets a few short punches in from the clinch. With Penn's hands up, Fitch thinks takedown again, but it's not there. Short elbows from Penn to the side of the head as he defends against the cage. Both landing shots inside, and Fitch is bleeding. Dean calls for action as the tow continue to jockey against the cage. The blood is from Fitch's nose, and it's flowing. Penn pulls way, and they reset. Penn shoots in and gets his takedown. Fitch tries to scramble up to his feet, but Penn takes the back again. Left hook in, and he transitions to the back. He looks for the choke, but Fitch does a good job of spinning in and taking top position. One minute remains. Fitch on top and would seem capable of taking the round, but needs to stay busy. Fitch punching from the top with Penn's head against the cage. Penn trying to get the feet on the hips, and he does get up at the bell. Close round there, but Fitch did well in the closing seconds, and awards it to him, 10-9.

Round 3 - Big right hand for Fitch to open, and he follows it into a takedown. Penn grabs full guard. Fitch walks Penn to the cage. Penn opens the guard and pushes Fitch away. Back on the feet, and Fitch shoots right back in. Penn drops briefly, but he works back to his feet. Fitch stays attached to the back and drives him to the floor. Fitch sets up in half-mount. Fitch grinding away from the top now in vintage fashion. Punches and elbows coming in from the top. Penn working his legs underneath, trying to create some room, but the offense continues to pour on from the top. Two minutes remain, and Fitch is just pounding away. The punches aren't big, postured blows, but they're certainly scoring points. Penn briefly had his legs in place for a triangle choke, but Fitch feels it and pushes it off. Just one minute remaining, and Penn is trapped on the floor. Fitch just absolutely smothering him in the final frame. Fitch sets up an arm triangle briefly but lets it go. Penn has done nothing in the final round, and Fitch hasn't stopped punching. Clear round for Fitch that borders on 10-8. will go conservative with the lack of real visible damage and call it a 10-9 for Fitch, awarding him the fight 29-28. Jon Fitch and B.J. Penn is scored a majority draw (29-28 Fitch, 28-28, 28-28).

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