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It's ridiculous how f-cking sensitive Bisping is. Someone should tell him that he's a professional mixed martial artist, a person who is supposed to adhere to the moral values of honor, humility, truth, and respect. Bisping has none of those qualities. And to think that he, Hardy, and Daley are the faces of British MMA? Wow. That's both sad, and laughable.

I wouldn't be bothered so much if he embraced his role a bit, but it's hilarious that he has NO IDEA why he's one of the least popular fighters in the MMA community. His actions and words show a lack of maturity, self-control, and even a real sense of rationality and realism. He wonders why he's hated? He should pay attention to what comes out of his mouth.

The sad thing is, people will still defend him. Even reputable British posters on this website who usually offer insightful material will be hanging on to his sack for dear life, just because he's British.

For the record, quite a few people don't like Dan Henderson, myself included. He's gotten more gift decisions than anyone aside from Leonard Garcia and is the definition of a meathead.

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