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The O'Rielly Factor and shows like it are nothing but crap. People like O'Rielly question guest who has an opposing opinion and then interept them when they are really getting to the foundation of thier argument. How many times has O'Rielly interepted Rich Franklin when he was telling him why he became a fighter? How many times has he interepted Rich when he was trying to talk about the altletism of the UFC? How many times has he interepted Dana when he was making a case for the UFC being safer then boxing? It was either Rich Franklin and Dana White agree with Bill O'Rielly or they don't get to talk at all. Also, O'Reilly had only one source that said the UFC was more dangerous then boxing. I don't know what you guys think but citing one source is pretty lame. It just shows you don't have much of an arguement. Shows like this should be cancelled because they are nothing but biased crap.
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