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Thanks for the support guys the weight loss has slowed down, time to start really knuckling down.

And semi-pro/amateur differences is some insurance thing in the UK. We don't have a sanctioning body for MMA.

Amateur is;
  • no headshots at all
  • No neck cranks
  • No heel hooks
  • Shin Pads must be worn
  • Occasionally the bigger MMA gloves have to be worn.

It is basically a BJJ match with body shots and leg kciks standing.

Semi-Pro is;
  • All strikes standing (no elbows)
  • No headshots on the ground
  • No heel hooks.

I don't agree with the rules personally, I don't get how at semi-pro you can knee a standing opponent in the head but can't punch him in the mug on the floor.

And the show is called "The Colosseum 2" it's a fight night run by my club, think it holds 600 people or so.

And if I remember right, I get paid about 150 if I win, 100 to show but I',m not certain. I'm not fussy about the money though, that's why I work, this is my hobby and I love it.

EDIT: And yeah it goes on a"record" but not a pro record, MMA is still very very young over here and only a few of the pioneers who started a long time ago have a lot of fights at pro, with many just stepping into it. For younger fighters starting out they usually have 7 or 8 semi fights first. Though since MMA is catching on fast the semi-pro MMA scene is actually very exciting with lots of shows, belts, tournaments etc

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