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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
I dislike it when someone loses to Anderson and people claim he was 'exposed', as if that person isn't still a tremendous fighter. Vitor hardly had his arse handed to him, and I think we need learn that losing to Anderson or GSP is less a sign of one's being over-rated, and more so a sign of just how unbelievable Silva and St. Pierre are as mixed martial artists. Vitor is a clear top five MW... there's simply no debating that point... it's simply that Anderson Silva is on another level altogether, and that includes the MW division in its entirety. The words 'exposed' and 'overrated' are tremendously disrespectful to legitimately talented fighters, and if Anderson fans actually stopped to think about it, disrespectful to Anderson as well. They claim the man is P4P the best fighter on the planet, yet it always seems to be that his opponents were over-rated or easily exposed. Which makes it sound as though he isn't fighting the best. Which in turn wouldn't make him that worthy of the praise he gets. Food for thought.

Vitor deserves respect. Let's not sully him with such general and ill-though-out statements. I also think it fairly obvious he's going to smash Bisping, who I am consistently impressed with, but do not see as a top five MW in any way, shape, or form.
He means exposed as in being taken down. Vitor's biggest weakness was going against wrestlers, not that Bisping is some crazy wrestler but he does manage to get people down and keep them down.
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