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Originally Posted by LizaG View Post
There are plenty of MMA and boxing fights you can research to see how they close the distance on their taller, longer opponents.

You'll need to be brave, get your head down and go for it
Randy Couture vs. Tim Sylvia would be one of the fights to study. Tim was famous for sticking his jab out there and using it to setup his right hand or outpoint people to death. Randy figured out a way to use his speed and body movement to either come in underneath and land punches or come over the top with his right to hit him with the overhand right. He also mixed it up so that Tim never knew if Randy was going to come in underneath or over the top. You need to vary things a bit instead of ducking in underneath the same way every time, if your opponent is smart and figures out your pattern you'll get timed for an uppercut and knocked silly.

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