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Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
First off I just want to have a quick shout out to the haters. And I'm gonna let you finish hatin', but I just want you to know that Fitch beat Penn's ass so hard he'll feel it FOR ALL TIME.
10-9 Penn, 10-9 Fitch, 10-8 Fitch (he out struck him by well over 100 strikes and that's regardless of what FM says. Not to mention Penn did jack shit the whole time, hardly even a conceivable defense).

Third, want to point out to the haters that the poll stands 8 votes for Fitch WINNING. 4 votes for a draw and 2 sublimely delusional votes for Penn winning. Haters gonna hate.
So if someone things BJ won this very closely scored fight you think they are hating? Fitch does get flack but don't let it consume you, not everyone is an irrational hater.
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