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Originally Posted by BWoods View Post
The UFC has been trying to, undeservedly, work him into the title picture for a long time now. He really has been thrust into it by not his own abilities, but by the amount of interest he can generate in he fight.

I think if he does fight Belfort he'll probably be given one of those "if you win then you get a title shot but not the other guy" deals. Belfort probably needs another two fights with impressive finishes to be able to get back to the title, even then I almost doubt he could get back because he can't create the emotional response that Bisping can in fans. People want to watch Bisping fights because he's a polarizing figure, you either want to see him win or get his face smashed, regardless of which people want to see him.

I guarantee that if Bisping gets a title shot it will be in Manchester.
kind of hater stuff that is annoying. "Not by his own abilities"??? what has been winning him fights then?? This is the UFC, there arent that many easy fights out there, you gotta beat tough guys. If you beat a few tough guys in a row then you face a top guy. Its nothing new in the UFC or in the division. If they were trying to "thrust" Bisping into a title shot, they wouldnt be making him fight the likes of Evans, Hendo, Wandy and now Vitor before getting the shot. He could have gotten a shot like Cote got his by beating B level guy like Almeida in a SD.

Bisping is def not being handed anything and his abilities are whats getting him to these fights. He paid his dues long before he came to the UFC and the UFC hasnt gifted him a thing, they give him a couple b level fighters and if he wins, he gets A level fighters. Not uncommon whatsoever.

The thing i do find funny is how many ppl try to downgrade him like he doesnt know how to fight. Meanwhile guys like Anderson Silva and Junior Dos Santos think he is a great striker and a good all around fighter. Guess teh fans know more than the fighters....
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