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Yeah, I watch that show about a month ago. It really hit a nerve with me too. Bill O'Reilly has no clue what he is talking about most of the time. He doesn't bit*h about boxing and they have had numerous deaths and fatal injuries. It's funny people think that just because they are using big 16 ounce gloves, that it doesn't effect you and that sense they're big and have "cushion" it doesn't do much damage . But, it does 16 ounce gloves do way more damage than the 4 ounce gloves that MMA uses. I fight with both gloves and the 16 ounce jar my head way more the 4 ounce. Besides, boxing is mostly head shots and constant head shots at that. You don't have a ref in boxing that will stop the fight if a fighter isn't intelligently defending himself. So, O'Reilly can stick it in his a$$ and rotate because, MMA is alot safer than boxing.
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