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Suckuary Review:

To be frank. I was an idiot to take any time off at all. For recovery or not. It was a stupid thing to do. I seem to have lost that mojo I'd found in January. But I have very high hopes for March.

This month. There's precious little to talk about. Only that the first time sparring in a couple months felt good. Aside from getting lazy, and innevitably, rocked everything was going well. I could land punches, my general footwork felt good. And my reactive headmovement was better than expected. My grappling is miles ahead of where it was even 3 months ago, as is my muscular endurance. My wind, while being poor compared to when I was training for pure kickboxing, is better than I'd feared it might have been. I still am winded too early, but that's to be expected after my lazines.

For March I'm looking forward to getting into the better gym in town. I've already talked to my training partner and EDIT: I'll be joining by the end of the month. My goal is to be in by the 2nd or 3rd week of the month (a payweek, so I'll have the dough to shell out). I expect to be grossly inferior to almost everyone in the gym. Whether this is accurate or not, expecting it seems like a smart idea. I spent the better part of the first 2 years of my training getting smacked around by my training partner before I finally started "getting it." So expecting something similar from those who've "gotten it" a long time before me is just another hurdle to overcome.

Diet's been pretty fail. Taking supplements, but haven't been lifting much, so I've ignored the protein shakes for now. But I've been eating badly. I was in a bind at work, so I tried to stomach some KFC a about a week and a half ago, but I vomitted it up about an hour later, which I'm thankful for in hindsight. Have to get myself on a better diet, which aside from getting into a gym, and workout motivation is my main goal, being motivated to eat healthy and following through with it.

Psyche: I've said "fail" more times in this one then I'd have prefered. I hope to stop that failishness (new word copyrighted) from continuing this month. I have a hope for a fight before 2012, so I gotta god damn well buckle down if I want to get it!

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