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Originally Posted by Mckeever View Post
lol, I havn't seen that. Staffordshire bull terrier. They get a bad name and rep because of the dick head owners that use them for fighting, but under the right owner they are the most fun, playful dogs ever.

Baley is so weird, she stares outside of the window when it gets dark outside and starts barking......She's also got a phobia of balloons lol

Haha she's awesome man, I love Staffies. I used to be terrified and beyond scared of them, as one attacked my first Greyhound/Collie Lurcher Buzz(now passed away ). But I learnt my hate was purely down to fear and ignorance.

All 'aggressive breeds' are purely given that rep down to owners buying/breeding them and training them for that purpose. It's completely down to the owner.

Since the attack I've met a wide number off Staffs and English Bull terriers that are just awesome awesome dogs. It sucks so many breeds get a bad rep for human mistakes. I'm just glad I learnt quickly I was wrong to fear an entire breed purely based on the actions of one dog.

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