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Originally Posted by Mckeever View Post
Awwww, poor buzz. I cried my eyes out when my older dog passed away, you get so attached to them. Like even Baley now is only 8 months old, but if she went away, I would be devastated.

Yea, horrible to hear about your dog getting attacked but it really isnt the dogs fault. You can turn a chiwawa into a little killing machine if you wanted to. It purely comes down to how you treat your dog and how you train it.

Any dog can be turned into a viscous little ****er with the right nob head of an owner. The difference is that staffs are very strong, built and can do a lot more damage than other dogs, so the dick heads use them. It really is sickening.

Yea, once you come into contact with one, you realise just how playful and lovable they really are. They love human attention.
Agreed 100%. Losing a dog is beyond heart breaking. Luckily he didn't die from the attack, he had 6 amazing more years. This dog just had him by the throat for 15 minutes and there was nothing anyone could do to remove him. At the time I was very young and my Mother was in complete shock and panic. He'd just locked his jaws around the neck and stayed there. The owned just sat down and lit up a cigerette and watched. THAT'S the kind of owners these people are.

It really is sickening that purely based on genetic trates these animals are abused. I'm glad a few get through to good homes like yours did man, she looks bloody comfy there haha

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