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Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
Agreed 100%. Losing a dog is beyond heart breaking. Luckily he didn't die from the attack, he had 6 amazing more years. This dog just had him by the throat for 15 minutes and there was nothing anyone could do to remove him. At the time I was very young and my Mother was in complete shock and panic. He'd just locked his jaws around the neck and stayed there. The owned just sat down and lit up a cigerette and watched. THAT'S the kind of owners these people are.

It really is sickening that purely based on genetic trates these animals are abused. I'm glad a few get through to good homes like yours did man, she looks bloody comfy there haha
Yea, it really is emotional.

That must have been an horrific sight, especially if you were at a young age. I seen some thing very similar when I was younger too. Staffs get a lock jaw, where once they lock in, its almost impossible to get them to let go if they dont want to. With the dogs I seen, they were kicking the dog, even threw a brick at it, but it just would not let go of the other dog. Luckily the other dog survived the attack. It is horrible to watch, I cant even imagine what it would be like if it was your own dog getting attacked.

Yea, there are some sick people out there that just use these dogs for fighting and attacking, and they are proud of it. It angers me so much.

ha ha, yea she loves it man, shes such a happy dog. We keep her under the stairs at night time, but in the morning, when my mum or dad lets her out (i'm always the last one up!) she just sprints up stairs and lies by my feet under the covers. She wont move until i get up lol.
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