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ea sports
+Has a submission system that works.
+arguably better looking models
+i like the striking system better. you put together your own combos instead of havering preset ones.
+ i iike the dash movement style to avoid punches and stuff
+variety in organizations rule sets and fighting arenas.
+internet fighter share.
+regular CAFs are actualy worth a damn although still not as good as those that go through career mode.
- too easy (I koed fedor on legendary with ken shamrock with in the first week when i had it
- commentating is horrible I mean some time i think it has to be a joke and there is no way they were serious when they came up with these lines.
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+personaly i like the grapling system better.
+ i also like the takedown system better.
+ damage system a little better (for instance you leg kick a guy enough and he wot be able to walk we for the rest of the match and he becomes un able to stop TDs
+ KOs are a little more epic and big strikes seem to have a little more "pop" in them and just look better.
- too hard for a lot of people and the degree the dificulty jumps. For instance in career mode you can pretty much run through the class but the difficulty jumps up dramatically like 5 folds almost. Also the title defense mode is extremely hard because damage is cumulative. Most people can make it to fight 10 11 or 12 but lose. I can do it but it took me a long time to figure it out.
- Submissions suck!!!!

As far as career mode thats more personal preference than anything i prefer EA mma.

Taking all that into affect i prefer EA MMA.

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