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This is almost funny. So you really thing JBJ should have turned down the fight? HELL NO!!! That would have been career ending for him as well. Rashad should man up and fight JBJ if he wants the belt. Well, if JBJ wins which is very possible. I give him a better chance than Rashad. You don't turn down a title fight without repercussions especially when the UFC needs you to step up.
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Thinking about it, if these guys agreed never to fight each other then Jones shouldn't have agreed to fight Shogun. Rashad is right there and has no where else to go other than MW because Jones couldn't wait a year or two. Both of them know Rashad wouldn't keep the belt for that long and Jones got years and years of fighting ahead of him.

Sure Rashad probably told him to take the fight but that's Rashad being humble. Jones should have stepped back and said I'll beat some more guys, gain some more experience, and fight for the title down the line.

Luckily for Rashad, Jones is too confident and is going to get mauled by Shogun.
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