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Originally Posted by Hiro View Post
Sure Rashad probably told him to take the fight but that's Rashad being humble.
Rashad didn't tell him anything.
The UFC made the decision to give Jones the title shot that night, in case he would have beaten Bader. Wich he did.
Jones had no idea about getting the shot, untill Rogan told him.

Originally Posted by Hiro View Post
Jones should have stepped back and said I'll beat some more guys, gain some more experience, and fight for the title down the line.
NO F__in way!
Pass on the opportunity to fight for the title??!
Every fighter's objective is to become a champion!

The "gain more experience" quote doesn't work in situations like this.
99% of the fighters would have accepted the challenge of fighting against Shogun.

And another thing: the "fight for the title down the line" expression is even more out of place in this case.
Rashad, out of all people, waited one year for the title shot and look what happened. he could have fought someone else in the meantime, maybe for an interim title and who knows what would have happened.

In life you gotta grab every opportunity that comes your way and try to make the best out of it.

Originally Posted by Hiro View Post
Luckily for Rashad, Jones is too confident and is going to get mauled by Shogun.
That remains to be seen.....Mr. Hiro.

Originally Posted by hugbees View Post
“I feel Jon Jones could have been like, ‘Hey man, I’ll tell you what. I’m going to take another fight,’” Wittman said. “And let Rashad -- he’s not at the beginning of his career. He’s at the peak and the tail end of it. Let him go fight for it.”
What kind of fairy tale world is he living in lol..



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