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Originally Posted by Hiro View Post
limba I like reading your posts but you're a typical biased nutthugger. It's cool, everyone's biased when it comes to their favourite fighters and JBJ is your case.

Doesn't really matter how long Rashad was at the front of the queue, you're not the one who claims to be his buddy who you've sworn not to fight. The point is they have this agreement so they needed to stay well clear of each other. Bones has a HUGE career ahead of him, it's not like he's beat a top contender and is literally knocking at the door. He beat Ryan Bader, he's stepping up to fill the gap but at the same time it's putting a massive block on Rashad's career at LHW if he wins.

I'm not saying Rashad should have kept his place in line even, or that Jones doesn't deserve a shot. I'm saying given the circumstances, given how Jones and Rashad are claiming to be too close to fight, they should also be too close to step on each others toes when it isn't really necessary.

I respect that Jones is taking his chance and more power to him for stepping up, but reality is he's stepping on Rashad at the same time. I'm not even a fan of either of these guys so I really don't care, I'm calling it how I see it. These guys have created this situation by making this agreement not to fight, and now Rashad might never get another chance to fight for the title again.

If I was in Jones' shoes, if I was that good and knew it, I'd stay out of the way so Rashad could have one last push. I'd know deep down Rashad would lose the title within one or two fights, and I'd know in the meantime I'd crush some fool. Then a year or 18 months later, I'll be even better, still young, still with many years of fighting ahead of me, and I'd go get the title. If the guy is really his friend, considering how good Jones is, he could have done that.

But like I said, they both created the situation and one of them has bit the dust. If Jones wins then tough.

Shogun by KO.
I am just a big fan Hiro. Nothing more, nothing less.

1. If you look at it closely, you will see, 90% think this was the right decision, from Jones and the UFC.

2. This situation could have easily been avoided if Rampage would have ccepted the fight, even though i think he didn't deserve a title shot.
Truth is, and i think you will agree, there wasn't anyone else left to fight against Shogun:
- Rampage - pass
- Griffin - tough fight + light injury
- Machida and Couture - fighting each other and neither deserving a title shot

The only fighters that the UFC could have approached to take this fight, based on their latest results would have been Matt Hamill (5-0 run) and Phil Davis (4-0 run).
I am convinced there would have been an outrage if Hamill, who was pretty much destroyed by Jones would have gotteh the title shot.
And Davis is too *green*.

Jones was the logical choice here. That is all! He said it himself - he didn't expect this to happen, expecially in the ring.
And pls, put yourself in his shoes: after the fight, in the ring, with 15000 people in the audience watching you and cheearing for you and millions all over the world - you just won a fight and Joe tells you Rashad's syoty and then, he basically hits you.
And, if you look at the moment again, Joe says: "the UFC wants to give you the chance...". They're not even asking you: "will you?!....".
And the UFC doesn't give title shots like this, unless you're BJ or Brock...(that's true).
The UFC acted brilliantly in this case, by revealling their plan in front of millions of fans. From a psichological point of view, it was perefect.
They knew Jones wouldn't say NO! Noone would have said NO! I can guarantee you that!
Plus, the UFC scored big, in the eyes of the fans, in terms of genuineness and originality.

3. The thing is, when Jones became a member of Team Jackson, Rashad and the other fighters there were consulted before giving the OK, for Jones becoming their team member.
When Rashad said: "ok, let this kid - allready a young talented prospect at that time - become a member of our team", he definitely knew the implications that will result from this situation. I don't think he could have predicted this situation coming so soon.
That is all.
We can only speculate on what kind of agreements they've made inside or outsied of their gym, in terms of not fighting eachother and fighting for the title if one or the other is injured.
When Jardine fought Rampage, the winner of that fight would have gotten a title shot and rumours had it, that if Jardine would have won that fight, he would have passed on the opportunity to fight for the belt...
I really felt sorry for Rashad because of his injury, but what can you do. It happens.

Jones about not fighting Rashad:

If Rashad Evans won the belt, which Im hoping he does, my only goal would be to be the toughest contender there is, and keep whipping butt without being champion. Id stay at 205 and be the second best. That would be my goal. As I said, Im hoping he wins, were very proud of him. I cant do it.

And Rashad:

[I believe you know this, but maybe there are others who aren't familiar with the situation, so...just in case.]

I will close this by saying: passing out on such an opportunity could have serious repercussions for you career, even if or ... especially if you are a young talented prospect, who is beating everyone and letting people now: "i wanna be a champion one day".
From the UFC's perspective this is pure gold: "OK kid, here is your chance! let's see!".
The UFC doesn't really tolerate "no teammate vs teammate" agreements, but as long as they are able to put other big fights together, it's all good.
The AKA trio: Fitch-Koscheck-Swick case is the most famous one and we all know Dana's thoughts about this.

But if the UFC (DANA) badly need(s) you to fight, and it's not a *teammate vs teammate case* involved, you better accept the fight.
If you say NO - that's self sabotaging your career!

PS: Believe it or not, this is an obective point of view.
The subjective point of view is: i want Jones to beat Shogun.



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