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Originally Posted by Hiro View Post
I just can't believe a fighter would limit his career and his success in a situation like this. Realistically they could have avoided each other, but they haven't, so now Rashad could be done at LHW. No one wants to see him knocking off contenders and never fight for the title. That's bullshit. The whole thing is ridiculous. They need to be more professional and deal with it, or they shouldn't have created it in the first place.
Well, you (we) would need to look at this situation from two perspectives:
1. from Jones prespective: he said he would fight everyone not named Rashad, if Rashad would be the champ - for as long as it takes
2. from Rashad's perspective: he said he would fight others, or move up or down, if no other alternatives would appear for him at LHW

They are mture enough to deal with this situation!



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