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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
Problem is that Fight Metric won't account for how many landed clean and how many were at best glancing blows, Diego was throwing with bad intentions but Kampmann was landing clean over and over. Kampmann took the fight and and got robbed for the second time in two consecutive fights. Sucks cause I honestly think Kampmann is one of the best WW's in the UFC right now.

Diego just took a page from Leonard Garcia's playbook. Jackson must have told him to just swing as hard as he could without a care for accuracy or landing since it seems to serve Garcia so well.
True enough.

Did you give Diego any rounds?

Originally Posted by streetpunk08 View Post
What's so bad about that, some boxer's made career's off doing that and Machida made a career off doing that as well. If a guy is using superior footwork and timing to out-point you then he's out striking you.
Then we end up with "awesome" matches like A. Silva vs. Leitis.

I like the idea of giving the fighters incentive to engage. I don't hate the idea of counter fact I am Machida fan! But if it is say Machida vs. Cro Cop, and they both land equal strikes in terms of power accuracy etc, but CC is the aggressor, constantly being the one to engage first, constantly chasing the other one down, I think the aggressor should get the nod.

mad props: Toxic
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