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Originally Posted by tyler90wm View Post
This is how I scored it:

1st round: Kampmann (pretty clear that this was his round)

2nd round: Sanchez (really close round that I could easily see Kampmann winning)

3rd round: Sanchez (close round but I think Sanchez did more work)
I don't think doing work matters when all the work you're doing is punching air and getting your mug mauled off. Aggression has to be effective aggression to score IMO. That was not effective (unless his game plan was to get lit the **** up)

I like the idea of giving the fighters incentive to engage. I don't hate the idea of counter fact I am Machida fan! But if it is say Machida vs. Cro Cop, and they both land equal strikes in terms of power accuracy etc, but CC is the aggressor, constantly being the one to engage first, constantly chasing the other one down, I think the aggressor should get the nod.
Totally agree with this. This is the case with what happened in Machida/Rampage. Both landed about the same amount but Rampage was the aggressor so he won. In this fight though, it's not the case. Diego landed nowhere near as many or as hard as Kamp. Like I said, Aggression needs to be Effective Aggression.

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