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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
Well the facts are he is 5"8

looking at the top fighters in the WW division

GSP = 5"10
Fitch = 6"
Kos = 5"10
Alves = 5"9
Kapamann = 6"0
Sanchez = 5"11
Penn = 5"9
Shields = 6"0

The fact is he is shorter than even BJ Penn, without looking I bet Jose Aldo is taller.

he coudl still stack a load of muscle at 170lb, more than most at 170lb and I bet still be the stronger man.
You really wanna see him at 170, don't you?!
He would rip off some doubt in my mind :P

But in the end, it's up to the fighter himself to decide if he can or can't drop a weight class.
Fighters know their body best and they decide what weight class suits them best.

As a MMA fan, i couldn't care less: the more exciting match-ups, the better.
We can only speculate about a fighter's ability to move up or down in weight, without having big implications on his health and performance.
I just don't wanna see fighters jeopardise their health, just to please the fans and or a certain boss of a certain fighting organisation (doesn't matter wich one that is).

For now, Palhares has a lot of great fights waiting for him at MW. I don't think there is an interest from his to drop down. Especially when he is destroying guys like this. (minus the Marquardt loss of sense).

I will admit though: it would be fun to see some of the WW panic when entering the cage against him.

Originally Posted by ACTAFOOL View Post
god damn! you know hes huge but looking at these pics...holy...henderson looks like a kid next to this man doesnt gass just walking to the octagon is incredible!

i really dont see how you can escape a sub from this monster...he might be the true jacare......i really hate how stupid he was in the marquardt fight...i think that was his fight to lose, or maybe we are hyping him too much

but a guy with a ground game so dangerous deserves the hype!
Henderson is taller, by 5 inches. That is the main explanation for that pic. Plus, he is a very compact fighter at 185.

Huge back, huge arms and big/wide shoulders give Palhares the strength for his submissions. Once he gets a hold of a limb - it's almost certainly BYE BYE!



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