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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
Not really he fcuking was owning Nate, even in the stand up he had Nate on the back foot, and the worse think still is that not only had be had his mind on the fight would Nate not of got the TKO but he woudl probably not of even gone anywhere near Palhares on the floor had he been set ready to pull guard, Nate would of let him back up to his feel unless he was feeling suicidal.

And further still it a fcuking early stoppage, Palhares was not hurt by Nates GnP on that attack, he was a little surprised but still not even shaken he just sat there took it and just raised him arms like he was about to shoe off an annoying little fly that just flew into his face, had the ref not been so quick to jump in I would of put Palhares seconds away from getting back up to his feet or even pulling Nate straight into another submission from where he was, because Nate was not even phasing him.

Had that fight continued from where it was even after he stopped paying attention, I think it would of been near guaranteed that Palhares would of come back eventually finished Nate.

The only reason I want to see that is because he is the only fighter out there that I would personally make favorite to beat GSP, in fact I would very surprised if GSP won that fight if it ever came about, and I can't say that about any other fighter on the planet.
i agree man, i really think in a rematch palhares would take him, theres really no way nate would have jumped in his guard like that, fact is nate got lucky!

and about him going to WW i 100% agree, i always wanted maia to go down to see what he could do against GSP, since there really isnt an elite bjj guy at WW...well now they have shields

but palhares vs GSP would be awesome, and he would still have a HUGE strength advantage at WW...more so than MW cuz MW also has some huge dudes

i think palhares could be more dangerous at WW and lose some of that unecessary muscle!...thiago alves is another guy i wanted to see drop, every1 said i was crazy but he also has a LW frame with unecessay muscles...his striking would obliterate guys at LW, problem is he would have to lose TOO much muscle

and after the dolce diet he seems to have found his rythem at WW, before he looked too gassed for WW, too slow...but now hes awesome! anyways...i digress

palhares to WW FTW!
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