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Diet's still just ok. Eating fruits and vegetables. Been skimping on the protein a little bit. This is mainly because I can pull a bowl of vegetables out of the fridge, whereas I actually have to clean, prepare, and cook up meats. So I guess laziness is my excuse for not getting enough protein, which is a ridiculously weak excuse. Found a recipe for some cookie-like, healthy protein snacks made using whey protein and some other natural stuff, so I might try that out and see how it goes. Since my last update I've had one or two nights where I went out drinking, and bummed a few smokes off a buddy and his girlfriend. Nothing really devastating. Been cutting out soda almost completely, except for every here and there.

In terms of cardio, I've started using a "Gazelle" (that workout machine that Tony Little [or whatever his name is] sells). I was on it about 30 minutes a day for about a week straight, then started hopping on only every other day. Which supposedly equates to something like 10 calories a minute. Hopefully this week upcoming will see me being a little more consistant. It's kind of a weak exercise if you let it be a weak exercise, but I try to keep a high pace, and breathe only through my nose. Makes it a little harder on the lungs and I figure that it might carry over instinctively to sparring/fighting, in terms of not keeping my jaw hanging loose, huffing and puffing etc. Beyond that, I did sprints at the end of my leg workout today. I think I'm going to start incorporating sprints more often into a regular cardio routine. Between the cardio effect, and the cold air, my lungs were aching pretty good.

That stuff being said, I think I'm starting to go down in weight. So that's promising.

I've been trying to make my strength training more functionality based. There's still a time and place for the body building stuff, but the current rotation I'm working through isn't incorporating any of that. Doing things like heavy compound lifts (which I had been doing anyway), more dumbbell work, more strongman stuff, and bodyweight work. Really trying to get into all the nooks and crannies of the musculature, hit all those stabilizers an' shit.

Strength training honorable mentions: Tried a max Incline Bench and only got 155lbs (iirc) - I don't know what it is, but I just can't for the life of me do well on the incline bench. I think my flat bench has gone up 10 or 20lbs, and my incline hasn't budged. /// Attempted a 405lb deadlift two or three weeks ago, and that was a fail. I got 375lb up pretty smooth, so after my two failed attempts at 405lb, I should've tried hitting a medium but I didn't. It was pretty rewarding to see the bar really bend for the first time, but it would have been more rewarding if I had hit the PR. /// Hit a 245lb back squat today, which is a PR by 20lbs. So that's cool. Got to keep my lower body ahead of my upper body. I do NOT want to be one of those guys who can bench more than he can squat. That's not what I'm about.

Did some rolling today and, maybe last week. I can't even really remember. I jammed the hell out of my big toe earlier and had mat burns on my knees from practicing takedowns beforehand, so I was being a girl about posturing and so felt really weak on top. I almost got a couple subs, but didn't, just didn't. Lost a triangle because I got a little excited and naive about it. Lost an Americana from the top because I over committed and got swept. Took the back and went for a RNC that I probably could've had, but I didn't explode earlier in the round and so by the time I took the back and started digging hooks in, the round timer went off. I didn't get subbed, but I lost subs that I should've had, and that I would've had if I was better.

Sparred stand up, maybe last week. I can't quite remember when that was (not because it was so long ago, just, I'm tired and it's getting late, and I'm not remembering so well this second). First round sucked. I was getting layed into more than I've ever been, and while I wasn't getting rocked or injured, I was getting out scored, hard. It was probably 1.5:1, or maybe even 2:1 strikes landed in the first round, advantage my sparring partner. Second round I started letting my hands go a little more, but I wasn't quite letting my roundhouse kicks go like I should've because my groin was feeling a little tight (not an excuse, just a stretching/warm up screw up on my part). I was landing some decent counter front kicks to the body, and punches landed probably evened off to 1:1 or maybe 1:1.25 or something. I feel like I started to take the lead but not by much, if I did. Third round came and I think I got tagged a couple times, not rocked, but tagged well. I landed a right cross that I was proud of, that stumbled my sparring partner for a second or two. I don't remember if it was second or third round, I landed an axe kick to the head, but he went to duck under it (I guess expecting it to be a crescent kick that would go right over top), so I landed it to the top of the back of his head. Therefore, an illegal strike. Even had he not tried to duck it, I can't honestly say how legally questionable it would've been. Ideally it should've swept down the front of his face, but I had bad depth perception with it and it would've (at best) gotten the top of his head, had he not ducked it.

Shadow boxing, bag work, and pad work is bleh. I haven't been doing as much as I probably should, but I get some of each in here and there.

Hopefully before the end of the month I'll be comin' out of the same MMA gym as Squirrel. And if I can come up with the extra scratch, I'll be able to spruce up my home gym/make some additions.
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