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Red face My Journey

Hello all,

I am extremely happy to be a part of the forum. I have read some posts for quite a while and finally decided to step up to the plate. I hope that sharing my journey will encourage me, help me to learn from all the great minds and bodies on this forum, and maybe help some guys here and there.

A little background about me:
Recently graduated business school with an MBA (focus on finance). I am in construction materials, also volunteer full time as a Chairman for a pediatric cancer charity. Needless to say it is a struggle to train but I hope that this forum and logging my efforts and results will help!

My training background:
Very little wrestling in HS. Boxing club in college. After college I began training MMA, was very sporadic because of work but background in Muay Thai (very traditional school, my teacher was a student of a former Muay Thai World Champion) and started BJJ under a Renzo Gracie Brown Belt. I had been training off and on for 4 years and last year finally became "serious" and was training 4-5 times a week, usually standup 4 days and BJJ 2-3. My training now is less traditional muay thai and more "striking for mma" I'd say, more of an americanized muay thai striking structure. BJJ is also non-traditional - no gi, no belt system, grappling for MMA I'd say. The school has some good amateur guys, a few pros that come in here and there, and has a great work ethic and "family" energy that I feel can really help me grow. My schedule there will ideally be:

Monday - Standup 1 hr, Grappling 1.5 hours
Tuesday - Standup 1 hr
Wednesday - Conditioning 1 hr, grappling 1.5 hours
Thursday - Standup 1 hr
Friday - Rest or Standup 1 hr or Strength/Conditioning
Saturday - Grappling 1.5 hours
Sunday - Strength/Conditioning

Depending on how worn out I am I may try to also do some strength/conditioning on saturday later in the day.

While I'd say my standup is a bit better than my ground game, I am not great in either, but really struggle with BJJ. One of my goals is to improve in that aspect, especially to establish better "basic" habits and eventually become more attack minded.

My true strength is probably my conditioning. I feel I am fairly well conditioned, but another one of my goals is to become more "BJJ strong," so I'd like to try to concentrate my weekend strength/conditioning on exercises that will help me with my ground game. It would be amazing to me, and extremely humbling, to be able to compete one day.

So I guess here begins my day 1 of my training log. It's not by any means day 1 of training but it will be a great introspective experience to track my day to day training regimine. I would be honored to hear some criticisms, pointers and tips from all of you.

Thank you for allowing me to post and I look forward to learning and growing with everyone.

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