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Originally Posted by M.C View Post


Except he's not a train wreck. He's actually very smart in this. You go watch his TV show, you think you're watching someone acting out/spouting crazy ideas, cause that's what the media sure wants you to believe, otherwise who would care? If no one cares, they can't squeeze money out of it, so they make you care.

In reality, he's doing a TV show cause that gets him more money, more people buy into the situation, more people will buy his Charlie Sheen T shirts that he's currently selling and all the other merchandise over this whole thing (I just saw an hour TV thing on the whole situation, where it shows him and his buddies talking about how to squeeze more sales out of people over it all).

He's making tons of cash simply because he knows very well people will tune in to his whole thing cause the media will force you to via making it seem a thousand times worse than it actually is.

I personally think it's funny, people are like "aw, crazy Charlie!" and Charlie's saying "yeah, I'm crazy! keep giving me attention/following the situation so I can get more money out of this whole thing".
In a way you're right. EVERYONE is jumping in to make what they can. And it is really just an employment dispute. But the way and speed it is unfolding is on a scale we have never seen. While you're right that Charlie is orchestrating and manipulating the whole thing for every penny he can, he is not in control of himself and this will not end well for him.

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