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Weedman wins:

Round 1 - Weedman goes for a kick, Hornbuckle catches it and takes Weedman down. Hornbuckle into half guard, then loses it. Hornbuckle going for a triangle. Weedman looks to be bleeding already. Weedman in Hornbuckle's guard, Hornbuckle is doing a good job of holding his wrists. Hornbuckle going for another triangle but hasn't quite got it and lets it go again. They're back up now. Weedman lands a good kick to the body. They clinch against the cage and trade some knees. Weedman throws Hornbuckle, and goes for an armbar. Hornbuckle survives and that's the round. I give it to Hornbuckle, 10-9.

Round 2 - Hornbuckle clinches Weedman against the cage and throws some knees that don't do much. Weedman with some kicks that would be nasty if they would land. Hornbuckle lands a couple of good knees, Weedman throws another kick and falls. Hornbuckle follows him down and takes his back. Weedman turns into it, but Hornbuckle sweeps him. Weedman goes for a heelhook but Hornbuckle doesn't seem worried. They're tied up on the ground while Weedman keeps trying for that submission. He finally gives it up, and moves to side control. Weedman gets full mount. Hornbuckle gives up his back, Weedman goes for the rear naked, but the round ends. I have that one 10-9 Weedman.

Round 3 - They start out trading some good kicks. They clinch, and Hornbuckle again attacks with several knees while Weedman just tries to get loose. They go to the ground and Weedman is working for a kimura, Hornbuckle gets out and takes Weedman's back. Both fighters look tired at this point. Weedman turns, Hornbuckle almost has an arm triangle if he can get into position. He lets it go though. Weedman throws some good shots from off his back, but the round ends. I have that round 10-9 Hornbuckle.

Brent Weedman def. Dan Hornbuckle by unanimous decision, 29-28

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