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Originally Posted by LizaG View Post
5K on Judo Jimmy proving the UFC wrong for passing on him!!!
the word around Rough House is that the UFC passed on Jimmy to try out for TUF season 12 because they new he would win, no word of a lie that what I heard, I happen to know Jimmy personally he is possibly the best WW fighter in the team, may not have the power of Daley but he is a better all rounder than Daley and Hardy, its close on the stand up between him and Hardy and Jimmy has better TD's and TD defense, his Judo is fcuking awesome, he has a world class Sprawl and is very very hard to take down, Daley and Hardy make Rough House famous but Jimmy is the man. He is a head coach there and to be fair besides making the team world famous he does more for the club and for other members of the team than Hardy and Daley put together, he truly is Team Rough House without his there would be no team.

Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
Isn't Hawns Judo olympic level? Very good match up, I think Wallhead keeps it standing and uses his Muay Thai to win. Will chuck 100k on him at those odds.
So is Jimmys, just because he did not represent in the Olympics don't think for one second that Hawns has better Judo, they don't call him Judo Jimmy for nothing.

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