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Originally Posted by Sekou View Post
I dont think it for either of those reasons...Im leaning towards the 3rd (unseen but obvious) option.

3) People never took Melvin seriously until this past Dunham fight. Melvin was but a blip in their mind until recently. Now people are fiiiiiiiinally paying attention.
People didn't take Melvin seriously because it is only just recently that he's decided to take his career seriously. He's beginning to work on other areas of his game in an attempt to put it all together and fix any and all holes. People can only take a man who falls victim to the same choke hold over and over so seriously, especially when he handed his opponents those wins on a silver platter. Melvin today isn't the Melvin he was two years ago, or even one year ago. People are 'finally' taking notice because he's 'finally' given them reason to.

Though I still say to hell with Melvin Guillard. He may be evolving as a fighter, but he's still a mental midget. He gets one win and declares himself the greatest LW there is. And what's worse is, he actually buys into his own self promotion. I love watching this fool get clowned by anyone in the top five. It makes me smile a big old smile.
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